Lupus Patients Find Support at Cook County Health

Elizabeth Pedersen, Cook County Health
Updated 5/30/2019 7:46 AM

For individuals -- more commonly women -- suffering from lupus, dealing with this chronic autoimmune disease can be difficult. It affects many different parts of the body and can be tough to treat. Patients can struggle with many physical ailments from pain in their muscles and joints to kidney issues to extreme fatigue, fevers, hair loss and chest pain. The list seems never ending. Every patient can present different symptoms.

Although there is no cure for lupus, there are medical treatments available to help keep lupus symptoms under control and live well. Just as important is maintaining your mental health.


According to Lupus Foundation of American, "5 million people around the world are affected by the disease, and 16,000 new cases of lupus are reported each year."

At Cook County Health, the departments of rheumatology and neurology understand how challenging it is for its patients living with lupus and recently formed a new support group. The support group is led by a clinical nurse and focuses on the psychosocial care of its lupus patients, and is gaining popularity throughout the health system.

"CCH's rheumatology and nephrology departments are proud of our work with lupus patients, particularly for those who are uninsured or underinsured," said Dr. Augustine Manadan, Chair of Rheumatology for CCH. "Regardless of your status, CCH is working to help lupus patients improve their condition and be able to live their lives."

Lupus can be tough condition to treat. Having expert medical care is essential, but having the support of others is just as important, and CCH is here to help.

For more information on CCH's lupus services, please call 312-864-0200.

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