Endorsement: Hanson for GOP in 5th Congressional District

  • Tommy Hanson

    Tommy Hanson

  • Kimball Ladien

    Kimball Ladien

The Daily Herald Editorial Board
Posted2/18/2020 1:00 AM

The two Republican candidates in the 5th Congressional District's primary think voters are ready for a change.

Chicagoans Tommy Hanson and Kimball Ladien say residents have grown tired of Illinois' problems and want a different approach.


Hanson, a commercial real estate broker, is an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump who echoes the president's position on many important issues. Ladien, a psychiatrist, backs Trump and advocates welfare and criminal-justice reform initiatives that he says will address the nation's problems. Neither has elected office experience.

Hanson more clearly articulates his positions to voters, so he is endorsed.

Hanson, who lost to incumbent Democrat Mike Quigley two years ago, favors term limits and legal immigration but provides no details on his position beyond conservative talking points. He opposes universal health care, and thinks other insurance concepts, such as car insurance, could be applied to health care and work effectively.

Hanson stresses he will provide an honest, moral and spiritual approach to do what's right that he thinks will resonate with voters.

Ladien, who lost his bid for the Chicago City Council's 47th Ward seat in 2019, touts his ideas for a science-based energy independence program to solve the world's energy problems, and for his "Safe Haven" idea, which would use initiatives similar to FDR's Works Progress Administration to divert people from welfare and break cycles of joblessness, gangs and drugs.

But Ladien struggles to clearly and succinctly explain the details of such efforts and how to implement them. And, he spouts other conspiracy theories that make him a fringe candidate.

Hanson is a more prudent alternative.

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