Walgreens begins renovation of old post office

Posted7/10/2018 4:28 PM

The woman leading the team behind the interior redesign of Walgreens that will occupy 200,000 square feet in Chicago's Old Main Post office said she's thrilled to work on the "iconic project."

Walgreens announced in June that the company would move 1,800 employees into the historic 96-year-old Art Deco building -- which received landmark designation by the Chicago City Council earlier this year -- by fall 2019.

"I think everybody in Chicago knows about the Post Office, they've either driven underneath it or seen it some capacity -- I mean, the building has sat empty for 20 years -- and now we finally get to see something in it," said Donna Becco-Schroeder, the principal account manager at design and engineering firm Stantec who is leading the team of four members to redesign the interior work space. "Walgreens is going to be the first tenant, so we're all kind of really energized by the fact that we can now create kind of a new community for that area of Chicago and really focus on the development further."

Becco-Schroeder, a 56-year-old Wrigleyville resident, didn't reveal any plans for the design of the office space, beyond that it would be a "tech environment."

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