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Top Chef star and Chicago restaurateur Stephanie Izard learned the nitty-gritty of food service by working the lunch shift for a summer at an Olive Garden. There she learned the importance of consistency — and therefore, reliability — for customers.
Can a job at Olive Garden help make you a great chef? Ask Stephanie Izard
Everyone has a summer job story to tell. Especially in the restaurant business. But for these chefs, restaurateurs, and bartenders, important lessons were learned at the most basic, seemingly unrelated jobs.
Barbara Bennett goes over her daughter’s medical history with pediatrician Adam Lowry while Claire watches as medical assistant Kierra Wynn unpacks medical devices. Bennett made an appointment as a deadline was looming for Claire’s application to summer camp, which required a physical.
Doctor on demand: How app culture is reviving the house call
One in four people will experience a diagnosable mental illness in their lifetime. And a mountain of research has shown how much of a stigma exists for people grappling with the issue at work.
CEO's response on sick day for mental health goes viral
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