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Mind-body link key to good health as we age

Updated 5/17/2018 12:00 AM
  • Make physical and emotional health a habit and you will benefit in multiple ways.

    Make physical and emotional health a habit and you will benefit in multiple ways.

The link between the mind and body -- especially as it relates to wellness -- is increasingly evident as we age.

Beyond the obvious steps of going to the doctor for a yearly checkup or when you are sick, taking prescribed medication and eating properly, older adults today can find benefit in adding other aspects of health into their routines. And especially those who are caregivers can benefit from stress management techniques, mindfulness practices as well as physical exercise, according to Neidi Mack, Vice President of Ancillary Services for Prism Health Care Services, a durable home medical equipment company based in Schaumburg.

"We know good health is a combination of physical and emotional well-being, so we recommend making it a habit to exercise your body and mind. You can start by seeking out classes or workshops in the community," Mack said.

Exercise: Keep your body in motion

It's important to keep your body moving as much as you can, and to do so as safely as possible. Those with mobility issues may be able to keep moving with the right walker, cane or other device. When choosing medical equipment, be sure to get the right fit for your comfort by trying out the equipment in person, Mack said.

Stress reduction does a body good

Stress is the inability to cope with a threat, real or imagined, to our well-being, resulting in responses or adaptations by our minds and bodies, according to Janssen. "We all respond differently to the perceived stressors coming our way," Janssen said. While one person may get frustrated at a traffic jam, for instance, another may see it as a time to relax and listen to music. "The latter response is born of mindfulness strategies that help you cope. You're able to focus on your feelings in the present moment and do what is necessary to calm or self-regulate your nervous system. This is key," she said.

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This article is sponsored by Prism Health Care Services.