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Aguilar, Joe|More about Joe »Lake County High School Sports Coordinator Editorial (847) 427-4430
Babcock McGraw, Patricia|More about Patricia »Staff Writer
Baumann, Jim|More about Jim »Vice President/Managing Editor Editorial (847) 427-4555
Becker, KimCopy Editor Editorial (630) 955-3546
Brown, M. Eileen|More about M. Eileen »VP/Director of Strategic Marketing and Innovation Marketing 847-427-4373
Constable, Burt|More about Burt »Columnist Editorial (847) 427-4562
Danes, KathleenCopy Editor Editorial (847) 427-4736
Dietz, John|More about John »Chicago Blackhawks Beat Writer
Dungey, Diane|More about Diane »Senior Deputy Managing Editor Editorial (847) 427-4515
Erd, AmandaCopy Editor Editorial (847) 427-4581
Ferrarin, ElenaStaff Writer Editorial (847) 931-5720
Findlay, MelyndaCopy Editor Editorial (847) 427-4599
Finken, DebCopy Editor Editorial (630) 955-3547
Fitzpatrick, Jerry|More about Jerry »Fox Valley Sports Writer Editorial (847) 427-4430
Friske, Don|More about Don »Associate Sports Editor Editorial (847) 427-4432
Fuller, James|More about James »Staff Writer Editorial (847) 608-2726
Gerke, ChrisCommunity News Coordinator Editorial (847) 931-5726
Graham, DougStaff Writer Editorial (847) 427-4472
Gregor, Scot|More about Scot »White Sox Beat Writer
Griffin, Jake|More about Jake »Assistant Managing Editor/Watchdog Reporting Editorial (847) 427-4602
Hill, Brian|More about Brian »Staff Photographer Editorial (630) 728-8295
Hitzeman, Harry|More about Harry »Senior Writer Editorial (847) 276-0051
Holdway, Neil|More about Neil »Assistant managing editor/copy desk Editorial (847) 427-4573
Holdway, Michelle|More about Michelle »News Editor Editorial (847) 427-4576
Kane, James|More about James »Deputy City Editor Editorial (847) 427-4469
Keeshan, Charles|More about Charles »Deputy City Editor Editorial (847) 427-4471
Kirby, RickCopy Editor Editorial (847) 427-4431
Klicki, RichardEditor/DH Business Products Editorial (847) 427-4507
Klovstad, Susan|More about Susan »Community News Editor Editorial (847) 608-2731
Knox, Jeff|More about Jeff »Sr. Director of Visual Journalism Editorial (847) 427-4485
Krishnamurthy, Madhu|More about Madhu »Staff Writer Editorial (847) 427-4489
Lampinen, John|More about John »Senior Vice President/Editor Editorial (847) 427-4511
Lemon, John|More about John »Tri-Cities High School Sports Coordinator Editorial (847) 427-4430
Leusch, John|More about John »Staff Writer Editorial (847) 427-4430
Lewnard, Joe|More about Joe »Staff Photographer Editorial (847) 421-9424
Linden, CarolineAssistant Entertainment Editor Editorial (847) 427-4587
Lissau, Russell|More about Russell »Staff Writer Editorial (847) 680-5503
McGraw, Mike|More about Mike »Chicago Bulls Beat Writer
Miner, Lisa|More about Lisa »Metro Editor Editorial (847) 427-4516
Morgan, Scott|More about Scott »Staff Writer Editorial (847) 427-4529
Nenni, Pete|More about Pete »Deputy Managing Editor Editorial (847) 680-5510
Oberhelman, Dave|More about Dave »DuPage County Sports Writer Editorial (847) 427-4430
Peterson, Eric|More about Eric »Staff Writer Editorial (847) 427-4482
Placek, Christopher|More about Christopher »Staff Writer Editorial (847) 427-4528
Pyke, Marni|More about Marni »Transportation/Projects Writer Editorial (847) 427-4553
Radtke, John|More about John »High School Sports Editor/Online Prep Sports Manager Editorial (847) 427-4441
Rohr, Lauren|More about Lauren »Staff Writer Editorial (847) 608-2725
Ronayne, JanaCopy Editor Editorial (847) 427-4605
Rozner, Barry|More about Barry »Columnist
Sanchez, Robert|More about Robert »Assistant City Editor Editorial (630) 955-3529
Sarkauskas, Susan|More about Susan »Staff Writer Editorial (847) 608-2724
Schmit, Kevin|More about Kevin »DuPage County Sports Writer Editorial (224) 221-9027
Schwarz, Orrin|More about Orrin »DuPage County High School Sports Coordinator and Pro Sports Writer Editorial (847) 427-4430
Shamie, Brian|More about Brian »Multiplatform Editor Editorial (847) 427-4598
Siebrass, Travis|More about Travis »Assistant Managing Editor/Digital News Editorial (847) 427-4575
Slusher, Jim|More about Jim »Deputy Managing Editor/Opinion Editorial (847) 427-4542
Smith, Mike|More about Mike »Sports Editor Editorial (847) 427-4455
Smith, Bob|More about Bob »DuPage County Editor Editorial (630) 955-3531
Smith, KatlynStaff Writer Editorial (630) 955-3528
Stangland, Sean|More about Sean »Assistant News Editor Editorial (847) 427-4597
Stark, Susan|More about Susan »Assistant News Editor/Food &Neighbor Editorial (847) 427-4586
Starks, John|More about John »Staff Photographer Editorial (847) 769-4930
Susnjara, Bob|More about Bob »Staff Writer Editorial (224) 200-1456
Trappe , Renee|More about Renee »Group Editor Editorial (847) 427-4468
Twohey, NorrineCommunity News Coordinator Editorial (847) 427-4495
Valade, Paul|More about Paul »Deputy Director of Visual Journalism Editorial (847) 680-5604
Vitello, Barbara|More about Barbara »Legal Affairs Writer Editorial (847) 427-4532
Welsh, Mark|More about Mark »Staff Photographer Editorial (847) 769-4943
West, Rick|More about Rick »Photo Editor Editorial (630) 728-8286

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