Letter: Say yes to democracy in November election

Posted8/10/2022 5:00 AM

The Constitution of the United States is the framework that defines our rights as citizens and our democracy.

As we are preparing to vote in multiple local, state and federal elections come November, it is important for each of us to know and understand where the incumbents and candidates running for every elected office stand as it relates to following and protecting the Constitution of the United States and our democracy.


What follows is a questionnaire that I believe can serve as a litmus test for all incumbents and candidates:

• Do you believe that the Constitution of the United States should be adhered to and protected by every elected official that takes an oath to do so in its entirety?

• YES or NO: Do you believe in Law and Order?

• YES or NO: Do you believe that despite Donald Trump's refusal to accept the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, having taken his allegations of fraud and/or misconduct to 60 different judicial jurisdictions and losing, (because his legal team was not able to provide any credible evidence of fraud or misconduct) and multiple recounts in numerous states -- that Joe Biden was fairly elected as President of the United States in 2020.

If any incumbent or candidate for an elected office answers no to any of these questions, I would question their belief in the Constitution of the United States and our Democracy.

Clarence W. Beardsley

Arlington Heights

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