Letter: Long-term energy policy is our need

Updated 8/6/2022 9:36 AM

Nothing happens without energy.

No manufacturing, no lights, no heat, no transportation, no cultivation, eventually, no civilization.


It is evident, especially throughout recent history that the planet's true global currency is not the dollar or the Euro or yen (or whatever currency you choose) but is a country's reliable source and efficient utilization of energy. With energy you prosper and grow; without energy you fail.

I can't begin to pretend to be smart enough to know whether man's current and efficient use of known and plentiful energy sources are either contributory or are the dominant causes of climate change, or whether the planet is simply doing what it's done for billions of years, i.e., change. I do reject the hubris that we can define whatever temperature the planet is today as the "ideal" temperature and that man can control Earth's temperature at will. Imagine if you will, the earth being warmer and Siberia, northern Canada and others becoming the new planetary breadbasket.

As is now evident, declaring war on an energy source without having its replacement in place is not only disastrous but plainly irresponsible.

While our political class dithers on minutia, our country clearly lacks a long-term energy policy. A policy not subject to the whims of the moment. I have no doubt that our current energy sources will deplete at some point in the future. I also have no doubt that man's ingenuity will discover new sources perhaps kinder to the planet. In the meantime, we can't simply turn off the lights and go home.

We desperately need a long-term energy policy.

Douglas M. Lewis


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