Daily Herald opinion: Jumping to conclusions just adds more conflict to a world too full of it

  • Jumping to conclusions about those with different allegiances or values can keep us from making valued friendships and important connections.

    Jumping to conclusions about those with different allegiances or values can keep us from making valued friendships and important connections. Daily Herald File Photo

By The Daily Herald Editorial Board
Updated 8/3/2022 6:23 AM
This editorial is the consensus opinon of the Daily Herald Editorial Board

We've all had moments when a spouse or friend jumps to conclusions about us or when we've tried -- and failed -- to read someone's mind.

These scenarios never end well, especially when the mind reader is piqued about something. The person whose mind is being read becomes defensive. And all of it could have been avoided.


Recently, retired Daily Herald Editor John Lampinen in a letter to subscribers introduced Kathleen Danes as our new Sports Editor.

He interviewed Danes about the origin of her love for sports, why she has such a diverse knowledge base of the major sports (and some others) and her greatest sports moments.

In the letter she professes her lifelong love of baseball.

In the second sentence of his missive to readers Lampinen notes: "An avid sports fan and a disciplined journalist, she does not play favorites when it comes to coverage."

But what some readers clung to was what immediately followed: that she developed a love for the Cubs while watching games with her dad and grandfather. Both have since passed, and her memories of them and the Cubs are intertwined.

Peppered among the congratulatory responses we received for Danes were some that assumed Danes' personal favorites -- in this case, the Cubs -- would drown out coverage of the Sox.

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Another suggested the Cubs are old news and one-offs in the last century and the White Sox are the next Chicago team to make it to the World Series.

Others simply reminded her there are two Major League Baseball teams in town.

Lampinen responded that as editor-in-chief of the newspaper for two decades, he was also a huge White Sox fan, but that never entered into our coverage.

The same goes for Danes, who like all reporters, editors and photographers at the Daily Herald strives for balance in all she does. A balance in the sports we cover, a balance in teams within a sport.

It is an active, conscious pursuit.

Everyone jumps to conclusions at one point or another. Sometimes it's just easier to make negative assumptions about people than to give them a chance. Sometimes it's a response to one's own stress and anxiety.


Whatever the reason, it only creates unnecessary conflict in a world already full of it.

If you're introduced to someone of a different religion, race or political stripe or, God forbid, sports allegiance, don't make assumptions. You'll be happier as a result. So will the people you're judging.

As for the White Sox and Cubs, there would be nothing that would please us more than to see the two teams square off in the World Series.

Well, maybe except for the Sox to move in with the Bears at the former Arlington Park Racecourse.

What do you say we make both of those dreams come true, guys?

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