Letter: Casten's style is hope in action

Updated 6/23/2022 1:04 PM

Recently, I was able to attend a meet-and-greet with Sean Casten. I came away with something that I haven't felt in a while -- hope. The last six years, our political environment has become so contentious that it makes one wonder where we are headed, and the divide has only gotten worse, with threats against our democracy, our planet, our reproductive rights, our children, the existence of our LGBTQ+ neighbors ...

While the GOP embraces the Big Lie and is legislating hate, Casten spoke with such optimism that, if we do the work, things will get better, and that we can prevail together. He has faith in our country's foundations and our ability to make an America we are all proud to live in.


I see his hope-in-action in his activism to protect our reproductive freedom. I see it in his passionate activism to stop gun trafficking and violence. I see it in his legislative collaboration to protect our planet. I see it in his commitment to the community in which he lives, and when he meets with his constituents and truly listens to our concerns.

I see it in the way he conducts his campaign with compassion and positivity. And I certainly saw it recently with the tragic death of his beloved daughter. Even in the midst of that terrible loss, he spoke of hope, leading with love, and continuing to do the work to create a better, sustainable world in which we can all thrive.

I am voting for Sean Casten because he walks the walk, not just leading with hope and love, but doing the work too.

Maggie Romanovich


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