Letter: What's really sad

Updated 5/28/2022 11:15 AM

In a May 19 opinion column, Jamie Stiehm missed a few important facts pertaining to the sad state of the nation. She does stick to the Democrats' playbook very well. She failed to note the daily violence shaking our cities, Moving on to the Supreme Court, it is not "meant to expand human rights." The court is there to "uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States." Her COVID-19 comments bordered on fiction. If not for President Trump's Operation Warp Speed, her hundreds dying every day would have been a much grimmer number. She salutes President Biden for reason and emerging as a winner? I think many Americans would dispute this currently.

The sad state of the nation I see is rampant inflation, high fuel and food prices for all Americans, middle class workers retirement plans going down the drain. Dismantling our fossil fuel industry without an alternative plan, we now are going to Venezuela for oil.


The United States was energy independent only 16 months ago. Our Southern border is an open door, totally out of control, and we have a president who has never visited it. We also have an epidemic of drug overdoses mainly caused by fentanyl streaming over this very border.

We would all be better served looking at all the sad situations we currently face.

John Murray

Elk Grove Village

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