Expect more intrusion from radical judges

Updated 5/28/2022 11:13 AM

I have friends who have different views on abortion, but because we're friends and respect each other, they do not accuse me of being a "baby murderer" nor do I accuse them of wanting to force 12-year-old rape victims to carry a pregnancy to term or denying a woman with life-threatening ectopic pregnancy a life-saving abortion (very real scenarios under extremists should Roe be overturned.)

To Americans' great disappointment and fear, we're learning that Supreme Court justices on the far right don't have such respect. In fact, they are demonstrating utter disrespect for both women and for judicial precedent, despite testifying under oath not to let their personal beliefs conflict with their oath to uphold the Constitution. This in light of the fact that a clear majority of Americans want abortion to be safe and legal.


Few, if any, women casually make the decision to terminate a pregnancy. As a former public health nurse, I'm familiar with the heartbreak that ending a pregnancy causes. There are morally based reasons why families faced with difficult choices may decide that termination of a pregnancy is the most responsible reproductive decision they can make for the health of the woman or the family struggling with providing for other children.

Radical judges on the Supreme Court, rigidly relying on their own religious views (or perhaps political agendas?) would turn over this most private and intimate decision to state legislators who have increasingly shown in this day of Politics of Outrage that they can be swayed by fear and hate-baiting political views.

Extremists have made it clear that forced birth in every state is the Republican goal, and unless Americans express their views, we can only look for more government intrusion in our private lives. What's next? Birth control? Marriage equality? Interracial marriage?

Joan Davis


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