Are political calls really appropriate?

Updated 5/20/2022 9:48 PM

I read the letter from Isie Barclay of St. Charles who attempted to justify volunteers calling to promote their candidates.

The letter writer complained that these callers may be greeted with "indifference, hostility and impertinence."


However, there is another side to this picture.

My family and I were in a nursing home gathered together in tears and mutual love immediately after the death of my cherished mother. Amazingly, her phone rang. I picked it up to listen to someone promoting a candidate for election. Needless to say, I was not interested. My feelings were of hurt and pain that someone had chosen this sacred moment to intrude upon my mourning family. Since then whenever I receive such political phone calls, the moment when my mother passed, is vivid in my memory. The letter from Isie Barclay brought these feelings back again.

The letter writer needs to consider the appropriateness of making these calls.

Phyllis Scanlan


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