Letter: Candidates make no for change in state leadership

Updated 5/16/2022 4:17 PM

I just read the NBC Channel 5 synopsis of the candidates running for the office of governor. First, I must say that Gov. Pritzker, and most importantly, Dr. Izike, for their combined leadership during the pandemic - Chicago's Dr. Arwady, too. Additionally, Treasurer Mendoza's smart handling of the state's money, paying bills on time and causing a positive correction of the state's credit rating.

Back to the NBC list: Not one of those candidates has put forward anything to necessitate a change in Illinois leadership. They rely on the tired guilt-by-association with Madigan, with nothing but innuendo, and profess grand public service in the military or private business.


Some have even jumped on the support-the-police bandwagon.

As far as business acumen, we've had our share of alleged great business minds at both the state and federal level. No, thank you. I don't agree with everything the Democratic Party stands on, but the opposition offers nothing but hot air and continued decisiveness!

Michael Dunne


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