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Updated 12/1/2021 6:34 PM

Bullying never acceptable

While we all get frustrated with Congress and certainly have a right to strongly voice our opinions, death threats against our congressional representatives on either side of the aisle are way beyond free speech and threaten our democracy.


All Americans have a right to expect decent behavior of our elected officials, yet Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona is defying this expectation by using both his official social media account and his personal account to produce death threats against other elected officials. His animated video glorified the killing of another representative and violent attacks on our president

This is sick behavior from Rep. Gosar which should concern all Americans. In any workplace in America, if a co-worker made an anime video killing another co-worker, that person would be fired. Mr. Gosar, however, will continue to serve in Congress. Even after formal censure from the U.S. House of Representatives, he further demonstrated his total lack of fitness for office by immediately retweeting his violent video.

What is happening to our country when such behavior is tolerated? Bullies who make death threats need to face consequences, yet only two House Republicans joined Democrats to censure Gosar. Condoning threats of violence encourages bullies

Whether it's parents who bully school board members, 17-year-olds with assault weapons killing people without consequences or legislators who threaten their peers with murder, this kind of behavior must be stopped. If not we all become unsafe and revenge and murder become the norm.

Joan Davis


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