People of Illinois are fed up with corruption

Updated 11/10/2020 6:49 PM

Casino monies, lottery monies, toll monies, gas tax and the most recent lucrative one, marijuana sales tax, but it's never enough for Illinois politicians. How much money does our state accumulate and yet we have the highest property taxes around, highest sales tax and one of the largest debts.

Mr. Pritzker, you spent $50 million of your own money to support your tax bill that had some serious hidden agendas. Why didn't you use that money to start paying down our pension debt ... to name a few? Stop bleeding the people of Illinois for more money.


You have a lot of highly paid but poorly productive people working for you. Start with budget cuts there instead of the schools. And start working on those pension problems you promised to address when you got voted in.

Illinois people have spoken and it's high time you listen. By the way -- postponing the Madigan probe -- try Zoom like the rest of us. We are fed up with corruption.

Chris and Sherry Lajiness

Tower Lakes

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