Bias, not logic, behind statements

Updated 11/10/2020 6:49 PM

In an Oct. 15 article concerning Elgin police as resource officers in U46 schools, Matthew Thomas may be a self-identified master's degree candidate in social work, but he needs remedial training in basic logic that doesn't support his conclusions. Could it simply be that black students accounted for 52.5% of arrests (in spite of representing only 6.3% of the student population) because they were eight times more to commit infractions than would otherwise be expected?

Blaming the police/school resource officers for "disproportionately targeting" the nonwhite students -- instead of blaming those students themselves -- is certainly not "obvious" but rather represents his own personal bias, not supported by any evidence whatsoever. It would be logical to investigate what's causing those nonwhite students to behave so badly and what social workers like him could do to try reduce their tendencies so they wouldn't cause police/resource officers to have to arrest them at such a disproportionate rate.


Kenneth L. Anderson

St. Charles

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