Real support of police

Updated 7/5/2020 12:03 PM

We seriously under-support our police. Here are some changes we should make in every town and city:

Limit the length of their shifts to 8 hours -- to include roll call and shift transition.


Give two days off every week. Need more coverage? Hire more cops.

Put two cops in every patrol car so the driver doesn't need to multi-task and so they have backup for routine but dangerous traffic stops and domestic calls.

Provide ongoing monitoring for PTSD and develop ways to deal with it.

Give them quality management and supervision and manage the managers.

Open up lines of communication between the bottom and the top of the police hierarchy and between police and citizens.

Improve the techniques used for screening out applicants not suitable for the job.

When a good officer burns out, find another meaningful role for them rather than cutting them loose.

Increase their training, both initial and ongoing. Make sure each officer understands the full spectrum of expectations.

Pay them more -- in keeping with the crucial role they play in society.

William Stade


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