Listen to BLM

Posted7/4/2020 1:00 AM

We need to not only listen to BLM, we need to take action to implement their demands and stop the unequal and brutal treatment of our African American citizens in the city of Chicago. Here is a simple two-step plan to do that.

(1) Reduce the number of police in the South and West Sides of Chicago by at least 75%. Half of these officers can be redeployed to other areas of the city and the remainder should be outright fired. The money saved by the reduction of police can be given to the BLM movement to improve the African American communities.


(2) Put a cap on the number of African Americans that can be arrested in any month based upon their percentage of the city population. Once the cap has been reached, the police will not be able to arrest any more African Americans for the remainder of that month. This will ensure that African Americans are not being disproportionately targeted for arrest by the CPD.

These two steps will virtually guarantee to significantly reduce and perhaps eliminate the unequal treatment of Chicago's African American Community by the CPD. We have to try the BLM ideas and proposals. We have to listen and try this for at least one year to see how well it works.

John Noll


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