Letter: Trump impeachment circus is a disgrace

Letter to Daily Herald editor
Posted11/17/2019 1:00 AM

The Donald Trump Impeachment Circus driven by the Democrat Party and the fake news media the last three years, which started on the first day of his presidency, is a disgrace to our country.

Think about it. First, the Russian Collusion Delusion. Even Mueller and his band of Trump haters couldn't find Russian collusion after $40,000,000 of taxpayer's money.


What a waste and disgrace!

Imagine, if the press handled the Russian collusion delusion fairly. Instead, they fed the public a lie for three years.

Now, the public must listen to the corrupt Democrat and fake news media regarding the fake Ukrainian pay to play or quid pro quo fantasy.

Read the transcript, America! Better yet. Look at the corruption within the Biden family and the Clinton Foundation. Now, that's pay to play and clearly quid pro quo.

Media? Hello! Daily Herald? Hello! Wake up to the sheep who hear the fake news media report something enough they believe it. \

America, use your common sense and let our republic function without harassment to our president.

God bless Donald Trump and the informed patriots for fighting back.

Keep in mind, America, it was the Democrats who colluded. And some will go to jail for real crimes against America. Let's see how the corrupt media reports that.

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And for the congressmen who vote or agree with this witch hunt inquiry against President Trump, the elections are less than a year away.

Our democracy would do well to remove them from office.

Michael Fuechtmann


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