Seeing through liberal hypocrisy

Posted9/30/2019 1:00 AM

I find the Daily Herald series on climate change extremely offensive.

Objective, and factual, individuals don't fall into the trap of the liberal and popular mob.


Quoth the Herald: "One hopes that the current political leadership in the U.S. will eventually see the error of rolling back environmental protections … (but we) can't afford to wait for a hoped-for change of heart."

Thank God for President Donald Trump, who sees through the Obama administration's folly of eliminating fossil fuels for energy production. References to the United Nations' studies, or anything else they say, are irrelevant in all respects as our president has repeatedly pointed out about these freeloaders.

I recommend your entire editorial board, along with The New York Times retire to Miami. In case you haven't heard today, Miami will only be around two more years. Typical liberal hypocolypse.

As they say: "liberals aren't happy unless they are miserable/ misery loves company."

I happen to be a registered professional engineer in Illinois and three other states, so I happen to know a bit about science and technology.

William Loftus


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