Taxpaying Americans can't afford president


When is enough enough? We've been subjected to "his" temper tantrums about immigrants, his wall, trade and any other topics that he feels like whining about. In the Daily Herald recently on Page 2, there is an article at the top saying "Senior Trump officials to get $10,000 raises." Well, goody for them. But, there are two other articles on the same page about "Investors, farmers guessing as crop reports are delayed" and (this one makes me ill) "Millions face delayed tax refunds, cuts to food aid."

He wants the wall, he can pay for it and he can take it with him in November 2020. He and his spoiled offspring think it's their stage and we are a captive audience. His eldest daughter should lead the parade to jail. Have they ever heard of "inside information?" She ends her business dealings with China right before Daddy starts dabbling in international trade that he has no clue about but his princess would look bad and be lambasted about new taxes. Higher prices? Daddy's response is the Americans can afford it. Really?

And now there are people talking about Junior following Daddy's footsteps. God help us. Who didn't see that coming when he started with his new squeeze? Wake up and smell the coffee, people. Normal, tax-paying Americans can't afford them and their high-priced ransom demands.

Linda Junak


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