Fire station more important than waterfall

Posted1/9/2019 1:00 AM

Once again the trustees have their priorities in the wrong order. The forecast for the new fire station is projected to be $433,000 which is over budget according to the village's deputy director of building and inspection services.

He suggested reducing the number of sound control panels, reducing radiant heat slabs, limiting the amount of ceramic tile in the bathrooms, using diesel rather than natural gas for the generator (which by the way costs more, not less) and finally eliminating one sign.

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How about this -- eliminate a waterfall at the new Busse Park which will cost the taxpayers more than $700,000!

I would think that all these eliminations for the fire department were at one time considered necessary and now have been temporary shaved to fall within a budget; only to be reinstated at a later date I'm sure. The priorities of the trustees need a reality check -- fire department vs. waterfall -- a no-brainer!!

Judith Reed

Mount Prospect

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