Daily Herald editors offer New Year's greetings and their hopes for a successful 2019.

The Daily Herald Editorial Board

Walk in others' shoes

Let's make it a point to meet and learn from people who are different from us. Chances are a glimpse into others' lives will overturn assumptions, build empathy and remind us that we're more alike than different. -- Diane Dungey, Senior Deputy Managing Editor

Try something new

Inspired by her 50th birthday, one of my Facebook friends has resolved to try one new thing a week for a year. From something adventuresome like taking an ax-throwing class to something more sedate like eating at a new restaurant, the possibilities are endless. -- Michelle Holdway, News Editor

Showing our best side to the world

Nothing impresses me more, and inspires me more, than people who act to improve their small corner of the world. These are folks, anonymous to most of us, who have discovered how empowering and uplifting it is to volunteer in the community, or befriend a lonely neighbor, or come to the aid of a bewildered stranger. May we all resolve in 2019 to discover that joy for ourselves. -- Renee Trappe, Downstate Group Editor

Find common ground

Here's hoping elected officials at all levels will put voters and constituents ahead of party politics and reach across the aisle and other divides to work together for the common good. There are so many important issues in need of collaborative solutions. -- Pete Nenni, Deputy Managing Editor

Renew, revisit, read

Here's something that's sure to make 2019 successful for you: read. And make it something more than a paragraph, a post or a tweet. Not everything in newspapers, magazines and books will please you. But it will make you stronger. And sometimes it will give you a joy you can get nowhere else. - Jim Slusher, Deputy Managing Editor for Opinion

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Social kindness check

In the new year as you comment on social media, ask yourself, "Would I say this to a person's face?" If the answer is no, consider more kindness on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. Sure, it's fine to disagree, but we can do it without the name calling, insults and attacks that we see too much of from behind a phone or laptop. -- Kelly Vold, Digital Engagement Editor

Good health, and good sportsmanship

For the new year, we want to see our high school student-athletes thrive. Games have a winner and a loser but to me, every student-athlete who participates in a sport is a winner. What we truly want to see is for these young people to stay healthy, exhibit good sportsmanship, play hard, play to win, have fun and enjoy the experience. -- John Radtke/High School Sports Editor

Saying thank you

I hope we can spend more time focusing on what's right in our corner of the world instead of what's wrong. I hope we can spend less time looking for things to argue about and more time focusing on how to accomplish what we agree on. Mostly, though, I hope we can remember to say thank you. And let me start by saying thanks to all our readers who make what we do rewarding and worthwhile. -- Bob Smith, DuPage Editor

Make 2019 a year of love

For the coming year, we hope for health, happiness, tolerance and understanding. Some would say that's a naive resolution. But we've all seen what hate and bitterness bring. Why not try love instead? -- John Lampinen, Editor

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