Give credit to all the good done by wealthy


This is in reference to the letters in the paper concerning the tax cuts benefiting the wealthy. This seems to be a large thing to the far left, as if the wealthy spend all this new wealth on themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The wealthy are the ones who own nearly everything, including the ones who not only gave tax cuts to the middle class and others, but also bonuses to a number of workers. In addition, it is the wealthy who give large contributions to colleges and universities, who enable many students' grants as well as improve their campuses. They are also the big donors to many charities, churches, overseas work and even the political parties.

There are probably very few that keep their money to themselves. Many take the new money and pour it back into their businesses that help create the many new jobs that have occurred this year. They are a large part of why the economy is booming this year.

So, let's give credit to the real reason the tax cuts were put in, to boost the economy, not to make the rich more wealthy.

Donald Andersen

Arlington Heights

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