House candidate is independent, determined


There's a story going around that Mike Madigan hand-picked Terra Costa Howard to run against Peter Breen in the 48th District state House race.

That story isn't true.

Terra decided to run against Mr. Breen in the family room of my home. Mike Madigan wasn't anywhere around. Terra never contacted Mike Madigan or his staff or asked Mike Madigan for his blessing before deciding to run.

I'm a 37-year resident of this district and consider myself a Republican. I've never met Mike Madigan, nor have I spoken to him. I am not a public person. I've chosen to speak out because Mr. Breen's political ads are an affront to Terra's decency.

I've known Terra for 22 years. She is an attorney whose life's work is representing people as their legal advocate. She's been the voice of the child, the senior citizen, and the disabled adult whose life hangs in the balance -- the voices that often go unheard. She's been appointed by the courts as their advocate because she listens to them.

I want someone in Springfield who listens. It's how you get things done. Listening helps find common ground to solve problems. Terra's done this professionally for 20-plus years -- quietly, patiently, and with civility and decency.

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She asks everyone, especially Republicans like me, the same question: what are your concerns for our district and state? She wants us to set the agenda, not someone else.

Mr. Breen wants you to believe that because Terra is running as a Democrat, she's owned by Mike Madigan. Mr. Breen makes that claim even though he doesn't know her.

I do.

Mr. Breen's charge is untrue, and both Mr. Breen and Mike Madigan are in for a surprise. No one owns her.

Isn't that who you want in Springfield?

Britt Dudgeon

Glen Ellyn

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