Give someone new a chance in 6th District


Having watched the Daily Herald debate between Peter Roskam and Sean Casten earlier this month, I'm more convinced than ever that the 6th District needs a new representative.

In 90 minutes of debate, Roskam said almost nothing of substance. His complaints about Casten's rhetoric seemed largely unfounded and, in any event, inconsequential. We expect a political newcomer to be rough around the edges -- if Casten sounded like an old party hack, he wouldn't be an interesting candidate.

What we also expect, or should expect at least, is that our current congressman will vote with the interests of his district in mind. Instead, Roskam has aligned himself with Trump and the Koch brothers, supporting irresponsible tax bills, destructive environmental policies, and a mindless attempt to repeal our heath care laws. It's no wonder that he tried to steer the debate toward subjects other than his own record.

This is no time for complacency. The 6th District needs to move on from its ineffective, disconnected incumbent and give someone new a chance.

Devin McCrate

West Dundee

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