Be honest about miles-driven tax


We're starting to see more articles on a mileage usage tax. Gasoline tax currently funds road repair and infrastructure. Guess what. The move to electric vehicles and better gas mileage has seen a decline in revenue from the gas tax revenue stream; who would have thought? Certainly not Illinois politicians.

So, now, the folks we hire to run our government are floating the idea of charging people by the miles we drive. This would, of course, mean some type of monitoring system. And not only would we end up paying for that drive to work, school or the grocery store, but businesses that rely on product delivery by the road, would most likely pass costs on to the consumer.

Just like Illinois politicians to find yet more ways to take money out of our pockets. I don't disagree that funding road and infrastructure repairs are our civic duty. Given that the gasoline tax revenue will continue to decline with greater fuel efficiency and alternative fuels, maybe Illinois can explore more creative funding besides a mileage tax.

Why not legalize recreational marijuana and sports betting? Legalizing these two activities is long overdue and is estimated to create several hundred million dollars a year in revenue. Why not include in the legislation a mandate that this revenue stream, along with our tollway system, be used to replace that percentage of gas tax revenue that is disappearing due to greater fuel efficiency.

We seriously need infrastructure repair; not only do we need more fuel efficient vehicles, we need a better way to fund that civic necessity.

This state calls itself "The Land of Lincoln." Lincoln's nickname was "Honest Abe." It's time that our politicians live up to that moniker. Be honest with the people of Illinois before we all move somewhere else.

Robert Clark


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