Says his new polling place is ridiculously far away


I have lived in the same unincorporated subdivision for over 42 years. We were here before Buffalo Grove started scooping up property, and now Buffalo Grove is a half block south, 1½ blocks north, four blocks east and four blocks west of my street.

If there are three precincts west of the railroad tracks why was my precinct the only one whose polling place was transferred to Chevy Chase Country Club? The other two precincts are closer to Chevy Chase, but they will vote at Willow School.

Willow School is about a mile from my subdivision, whereas Chevy Chase is more than 4½ miles.

Carla Wyckoff (the Lake County clerk) said it had nothing to do with my subdivision being unincorporated. Can you believe that?

She said the local school on Weiland did not want to have voting there anymore.

In 42 years, I have paid over $250,000 in taxes to the local school on Weiland. The only time I used the school was to go and vote and now they will not let me do that.

In my subdivision there are a lot of elderly people, myself included. In warm weather I ride my bicycle. I will not drive 4½ miles one way and fight the traffic on Lake-Cook Road to cast a vote, and I definitely cannot ride my bike that far.

Carla suggested mail-in voting or using the township to vote. I suggested that since her position is up for election in November, we get someone in the clerk's office who will not discriminate against the unincorporated area.

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Unincorporated areas in Lake County have no one to fight for them and the politicians push us to the side. I am fed up with it. I guess I have done the last of my voting until we get a polling place closer.

John Billis Sr.

Prairie View

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