Letter: Why not give shelter to those who earned it?

Posted7/12/2018 1:00 AM

I just finished watching a segment featuring the housing conditions set up at two U.S. military bases in Texas for those who crossed our border illegally: air-conditioned tents, new beds, three healthy

meals consisting of fresh fruit and vegetables daily, new clothing, health care, education, counseling, etc.

While I don't begrudge them these benefits, according to The Military Wallet, there are an estimated 67,000 homeless vets living in the United States.

• 89 percent received an honorable discharge;

• 67 percent served three years or more;

• 47 percent are Vietnam veterans;

• 40 percent are minorities;

• 15 percent served before Vietnam;

• 5.5 percent are Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

If there's only so much money in the pot, why not give it to those who earned it rather than those who have not?

Joan Baillie


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