Letter: President's cabinet members don't care

Posted7/12/2018 1:00 AM

I really do care! Do you?

First Lady Melania Trump's fashion statement -- wearing a jacket with the words "I really don't care, do U?" written on the back when she went to visit the migrant children in Texas -- is a perfect description of the Trump White House policy and attitude.

President Donald Trump really doesn't care, VP Pence really doesn't care, Chief of Staff John Kelly really doesn't care, A.G. Jeff Sessions really doesn't care,

Secretary of DHS Kirstjen Nielsen really doesn't care, Secretary of HHS Alex Azar really doesn't care, press secretary Sarah Huckabee

Sanders really doesn't care, and

the border personnel, working in our name and being paid with

our tax dollars, really don't


The GOP members of Congress really don't care, either, but we can do something about them in November.

The level of incompetence in the dysfunctional Trump immigration system is appalling.

If anyone in the administration cared, there would have been a system to reconnect parent and child before they started ripping families apart.

And, it doesn't take rocket science, either. We attend outdoor family festivals where parents and their children are issued matching wrist bands, in case of accidental separation.

Our U.S. government can't come up with an ID system when the separation is purposeful? They really don't care!

Diane Niesman


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