Letter: Roskam failed to stand up for DACA recipients

Posted7/11/2018 5:00 AM

Recently, Paul Ryan announced that the House of Representatives will vote on an immigration reform bill, despite a discharge petition for a vote to protect DACA recipients falling two signatures short to force such action.

One of those two missing signatures should have been my representative in Illinois' 6th District, Peter Roskam.

Unfortunately, Roskam continues to ignore his constituents when it matters most.

The 6th District is home to the most DACA recipients of any GOP-held district in the state, and they have been consistently ignored by their congressman.

As I followed this discharge petition closely, I noticed many articles about wealthy business owners threatening to withhold funds this election cycle if Roskam failed to sign.

I thought surely this tactic would be effective, as congressman Roskam is known for closed-door meetings with donors instead of in-person meetings with constituents, but it appears that Roskam will not even listen to his wealthy donors when it comes to basic immigration reform.

His inaction these past few weeks has been irresponsible.

At this point I can only call his office, express my disappointment, and hope he will make the right decision for his constituents in the upcoming votes.

Maggie Micklo

Glen Ellyn

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