Oh, for the good, old days of quiet libraries

Posted7/9/2018 1:00 AM

Have you been to the today's public library? Being "old school," I remember that it was a quiet and peaceful place to read a book or periodical, maybe do some research. Not today, it's more like a busy bookstore. Oh, if you're hungry, go to the vending machines and buy some goodies to munch with maybe a cool drink to wash it down. Also, if you want to view a movie, don't go to a video store -- oops, they're gone -- just borrow from the public library, up to five at a time.

Now, I'm not against a "public bookstore." I just would like to read in quiet when visiting the public library. Today, it was noisier than normal with a youngster on his laptop plugged into the library electrical outlet, having ear plugs attached to his cellphone and talking on the cellphone via the speaker and not whispering or talking softly. I'm sure the other party wouldn't hear if so. Being so loud, you could hear the conversation and it wasn't about doing library research with back-and-forth assistance in aiding the youngster. No, it was ongoing discussion of current events, like sports and particular athletes.

Gee, maybe I just long for the good old days when a library wasn't a busy bookstore and people were quiet or softly talking when people talking were monitored and common sense was the norm.

Robert Meale

Crystal Lake

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