Letter from Elk Grove: Trump is cruel toward immigrant refugees

Posted7/9/2018 5:25 PM

I am still appalled and sickened by the cruel practices of the Trump Administration toward the immigrants seeking safety, freedom and a future in this country.

He may have signed an executive order supposedly stopping the separation of children from their parents, but the inhuman treatment continues.

There has been almost no effort to reunite parents with the children who were taken from them. In some cases, parents were deported but without their children.

Those mothers and fathers have no idea where their children are or even if they will ever see them again. This is a crime against humanity.

Donald Trump now wants to forgo the constitutional protections of due process of law for the immigrants.

These are the actions of a dictator, not a United States president.

Though this is technically not a "war crime," it is a crime against people that Mr. Trump seems to think are the enemy. He has even referred to the migrants as "invading" our country.

We must remember the principles this country was founded on. What happened to "give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…"?

We, as citizens, must demand and insist that this president's brutal and cruel policies not only stop, but are reversed. Those harmed must be helped, not ignored. We must stop the hatred, bigotry, and bullying. Remember who we are, or at least who we should be, as a nation.

Cynthia Kehoe

Elk Grove Village

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