Can't wait to vote in November

Posted7/9/2018 1:00 AM

I have repeatedly called the office of my congressional "representative," Peter Roskam, asking what he is doing about the cruel treatment of immigrants on our Texas border. Time and again I am told that the congressman has issued a statement. Well, words are fine to a point -- I can write letters to editors, but otherwise I am fairly powerless to stop this egregious situation.

Roskam, however, is a member of the party in power and as such, I hold him and his fellow Republicans responsible for our country's immoral and illegal treatment of refugees and would-be immigrants.

This administration is shamefully following the Nazi playbook -- dehumanizing people, locking them up in cages and, for a time, tearing children from parents. Additionally, our government unconscionably ignored documenting primary data about the children they stole. Consequently, it is now difficult at best to reunite these traumatized children with their desperate parents.

Never one to wish time away, I nonetheless eagerly await the November election when I can express my disgust and disapproval of Roskam and his cronies.

Ellen Mandel

Glen Ellyn

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