Too little, too late on gun control support

Posted7/7/2018 1:00 AM

It was with no small level of disgust that I opened my mailbox to see a piece of political literature from the Roskam campaign touting the U.S. Sixth District congressman's plan to keep schoolchildren safe. The points in this mailer are nothing more than the common sense plans that Democrats have been strongly arguing for a number of years.

Where were his "smart solutions to keep us safe" when children died at Sandy Hook (sorry, a painting by his wife doesn't cut it). Why did he continue to oppose universal background checks when students were murdered in Newtown? He wrings his hands in response to the Las Vegas massacre, but offers no ideas to stop the carnage. In fact, the congressman's extremely high approval rating by the NRA reflects his historical resistance to actively lead any change to reduce violence and death caused by firearms.

I am more inclined to believe that this recent political mailer regarding gun law change is about his attempting to bolster his struggling re-election campaign than a serious intent to lead any meaningful change to end the slaughter of our children. It is a weak attempt to save face from his legislative history of gun support, and it is too little, too late.

Ken List


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