Thank you, Trump, for enforcing borders

Posted7/7/2018 1:00 AM

For the liberals and liberal media so outraged over Trump's immigration policy, I have a great idea. Don't write any new material. Simply submit your old stories and letters to the editor back from the Obama presidency when he was doing the same thing.

But let's be honest you don't have any of those, because the children are simply a pawn to attack a president you don't like. You didn't care back then because you don't care about the people, only a leftist agenda. I have two adopted children that are Hispanic. so I want more than anything for them to be treated fairly and with respect. A huge part of that is that I want their rights protected as American citizens.

We have a nation with borders and laws. Circumstances do not supersede the law and a common sense border policy. Someone has to have the guts to implement this policy. Thank you, Donald Trump.

David McCarrell

Carol Stream

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