Holiday woes in Naperville, healing in Elgin, influence in Rosemont and more.

The Daily Herald Editorial Board
Posted7/7/2018 1:00 AM

A patriotic thanks

The suburbs offer so much for the Fourth of July -- days of entertainment-packed festivals, concerts, parades and fireworks. That takes a lot of work. So we should all pause to thank the many community volunteers who plan and help stage these beloved events.

Holiday woes

This has been a tough summer for holiday celebrations in Naperville. First, the city had to cancel its Memorial Day parade because of concerns with extreme heat. Then it had to push back its Fourth of July fireworks because of some scary storms. If locusts invade Last Fling on Labor Day, we've got a serious problem.

Strength of influence

Rosemont Mayor Brad Stephens to the Tollway board, DuPage County assistant state's attorney Joe Ruggiero to the Prisoner Review Board, Hinsdale state Rep. Patti Bellock to the Department of Healthcare and Family Services -- all appointees by Gov. Rauner this week, adding to suburban leadership of powerful state agencies. Congratulations, all. Do us proud.

Break the habit

An area municipal sign asks passing drivers an important question in an interesting way "Are you intexticated?" It should be easy to understand the meaning of the sign's wordplay, but not so easy to understand why those who are afflicted fail to get "detext" help before somebody gets hurt.

Admirable athletes, to a point

No matter how hot and humid it has gotten lately, we still see amateur athletes outside, on the trails and in the neighborhoods, even at the sunniest times. Cycling and walking is hard enough, and then there's running! Salute to you if you can do it, but please be careful, don't get sick in the heat. Consider the early morning or even dusk.

Rushing the season?

Here's another reason it sometimes seems the seasons are racing by. Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico picked the week of July 4 to announce he's running for a second term in the April 2019 election.

The human condition

Before air conditioning was omnipresent, we had other coping mechanisms. At night, for instance, move to the lowest level of the house, open a screened window and let a fan blow directly on you, ideally with a damp, cool rag on your forehead. Think of all that energy you saved. Bonus: The sweet lullaby of crickets chirping.

Taking flight

If you think reflections on "birders" can't connect with the general public, look again at Neighbor columnist Jeff Reiter's "Words on Birds." With explorations of forest preserves, interviews with local experts and eye-catching colorful pictures, Reiter's column is entertaining for birders and nonbirders alike.

How healing begins

Sunday's car, truck and motorcycle show, "Unite the Community Summer Jam," is Elgin police and residents doing the right thing. After a fatal shooting during a March standoff, Marcus Banner criticized police. But he credits Ana Lalley, who will be police chief in August, with laying the groundwork on which his group Our Neighborhoods Empowered organized the event.

Remembering Doug Cygan

Doug Cygan grew up in Mundelein and took a part-time job wrangling shopping carts from the parking lot of his neighborhood Jewel. A little more than a year ago, he was named president of the company and its 187 stores. Cygan died this week, but he leaves us with the notion that it's not where you start your career but what you do with it that matters.

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