Doomed by vicious epidemic of guns

Posted7/7/2018 1:00 AM

There are now five dead journalists in Annapolis. Individuals just trying to do their jobs, gunned down by a psychopath who took the all-too-common option in this country, alone in the world, of settling a perceived personal grievance at the point of a gun.

We have become a society bathed in bloody violence, suffering from a vicious epidemic, fueled by hatred and carried out by guns. When are we going to rise up and put a stop to it?

Cowardly politicians will not. Bought and paid for by the NRA, their thoughts and prayers ring hollow in the face of this violent epidemic that is ripping apart the very peace and dignity that holds great civilizations together.

How many more innocents must die before citizens will rise up and try to stop it?

I am sad to say, based on our national indifference reflected in the impotence of our politicians, it will continue to our doom.

Ken Kramer

Glen Ellyn

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