Petty actions tearing nation apart

Posted7/4/2018 1:00 AM

Wayne Lela was both correct and very incorrect in his recent letter on "sanders story another case of liberal bigotry." He was correct that it was wrong for the Red Hen Restaurant to refuse service to Sarah Sanders but wrong that it is only the "liberals" that do this.

When you open your business to the public, you open it to every member of the public: You can't say, "I will serve you, you, and you, but not you." Very wrong and at the same time very unAmerican.

But if you own a bakery, can't you say you refuse to bake a wedding cake for homosexuals who are getting married based on religious reasons? That would be the same as the Red Hen owner saying, I am a strong Christian who believes in the Ten Commandments. Since President Donald Trump has clearly violated several of those Commandments, I refuse to serve him or any key member of his staff."

No difference; in fact, citing the Ten Commandments is a pretty strong source. It is the very basis of Christianity.

The point is, we are all in this together. We had better stop acting like it's "my way or the highway" and "I am right; you are wrong." If we want to make America the great country that it should be but has not been in the recent past, let's focus on what brings us together and stop trying to tear the USA apart with silly stuff like who I will serve and who I will not serve.

Gary Koca

Pingree Grove

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