'Acceptable risk' and guns

Posted6/14/2018 1:00 AM

A recent letter writer said we should ask our representative "Will you support banning automatic firearms?" These have been banned for about 90 years. He also wants to ban the AR-15. To him, this gun must look "nasty" or "military," but it shoots one bullet per trigger pull just like millions of other guns.

He complains the AR's were not here when the Constitution was written. Neither were cars here, but we do not limit them to the speed of a horse-drawn wagon.

There are acceptable risks in society. ​Tens of millions of people did not commit a crime with their gun today. There are many thousands of highway deaths every year that could be avoided if the maximum speed limit were 25 mph. We do not do that because the current speed limits are an acceptable risk.

Don Mack


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