Miss America won't be the same

Posted6/13/2018 1:00 AM

So, you "jump on the bandwagon" people, what are your thoughts on dropping the swimsuit competition from the Miss America Beauty Pageant?

Well, let me add my two cents. When I was a kid, the Miss America Pageant was as big a night as any on TV. I can still remember Mary Ann Mobley winning from Alabama and hearing Bert Parks sing "Oh there she is Miss America" (i.e. I was about 13 and in love).

The whole family even aunts and uncles would watch and give their opinion/choices. The swimsuit was a big event, but so was the talent contest (e.g. you had to do something) and the evening gown (i.e. like the dress your girl wore to prom night). Most were singers and played an instrument, but I remember one young lady who was a ventriloquist (i.e., she stole the show).

Anyway, no one forces anyone to compete and the idea was also to make money to support women with education, etc. Personally if you want a contest where beauty and fitness means nothing, then find a name that fits and leave Miss America alone, which was to name the most beautiful, sophisticated and talented woman in America.

Larry Eichman


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