Why was money flown to Iran?

Posted6/11/2018 1:00 AM

An excellent letter by Tony Atkins on May 13 explains the flaws of Obama's various past accords, deals, among other failures. The JCPA Iranian deal is not even as binding as a handshake; it was just a $150 billion public relation stunt fully supported by the European Union and the MSM hailed as being "peace in our time." What has not been discussed is the extra $1.6 billion in cash flown to Iran in a large transport plane at an out-of-the-way airport location in crates of $100 bills.

One-hundred-dollar bills are fungible, meaning they are accepted everywhere in the world as an international currency. Obama agreed to also deliver $1.6 billion in green, knowing this was not going to be used to pay the farmers or given to the Iranian peasant as a bonus: they can and likely are being used for nefarious deeds like paying for assassinations and bribes.

You wouldn't write a check to an assassin for services rendered or for a shipment of chlorine gas. Cash leaves no trail. Obama is well briefed, yet choose to ignore that this money may be used to provide the Iranians with a means to pay for surreptitious services to the thugs in Iran and the world's unscrupulous politicians.

What can be the point of sending nearly a ton of $100 bills to Iran. Why?

Dushan Lipensky


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