Answering complaints

Updated 6/11/2018 12:03 PM

On May 30, E. Wasielewski had many complaints. She complained that teens and parents who protested for gun control still played violent video games and watched gory movies, yet offered no proof that that is indeed the case, just another baseless accusation attacking teens who are tired of being shot at. However, thousands of people play shooting games and watch action movies without shooting up a school or workplace.

She complained about celebrities and bodyguards, but having a bodyguard and advocating for gun control are two mutually exclusive things. At a basic level, bodyguards are usually licensed and trained individuals. They exist to protect people from harm and have nothing to do with the gun control conversation and having one doesn't dismiss someone's concern over the availability of weapons.

And, she wants to blame forks for obesity. Being overweight is often an act of free will, but perhaps she can look into the possibility of protesting forks as a constitutional issue.

Michael Cohn


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