The ideological black hole of climate change

Posted6/10/2018 1:00 AM

In Mexico, according to National Geographic magazine, 9 million monarch butterflies perished in a spring snowstorm that was "possibly due to climate change." In the Galapagos, meanwhile -- according to the same publication -- "warmer air temperatures" could mean more female giant tortoises, since sand temperature determines the reptiles' sex.

I've noticed this about climate change: it's like gravity. It pulls all physical phenomena toward itself. Everything is happening because of climate change, or else will soon cease to do so because of the same. Polar bear populations are expected to decline because of it; microorganisms and mosquitoes will multiply as a result of it -- not a pretty picture, even on the pages of National Geographic.


Floods, droughts, wildfires, and winter cyclones are all symptoms of the earth's "fever." But if weather can be extreme, it is generally benign. How long before a pleasant autumn evening is attributed to a "pause" in climate change?

The more this hysteria continues, the stronger the gravitational force of the issue becomes, until a causational black hole is created. Political unrest, economic ups and downs, rock concerts, routine events -- all will be attributed to climate change. In 2015, President Obama blamed anthropogenic climate change for drought conditions which "helped fuel the early unrest in Syria." No wonder Obama's "red line" in the sand did nothing to quell the Syrian civil war. Forget Bashar al-Assad; Mother Nature gone mad foiled Obama.

Scientists know for a fact that the earth has warmed and cooled, by turns, for billions of years. Yet now they insist that "the end is nigh," thanks to man's activities. Which activities?

Ah, that is the question -- an ideological question masquerading as an environmental one.

Alexander Lee

West Chicago

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