Vote for Rauner is vote for Trump

Posted2/14/2018 1:00 AM

Rauner, like Trump, has harmed ordinary citizens to favor the wealthy.

Trump likes to use deregulation so that his rich billionaires and rich corporations can ignore environmental concerns and consumer protections to make higher profits. Rauner follows the same playbook.

Here's an example.

Dynegy owns nine coal power plants in southern Illinois. The company has been negotiating with the Rauner administration. Together, they came up with a plan that cuts current pollution regulations. Implementation of this plan would result in increased health risks for state residents and larger electric bills due to the high cost of maintaining coal plants.

And, this plan calls for the plants to operate long into the future. The company will have greater profits to increase the wealthy's value of their investment and to distribute as dividends.

Deregulation is just one Trump tool Rauner has used for years. Also, he's cut funding for social programs, schools and Medicaid and left many Illinois citizens without health insurance. All to increase the wealth of the rich -- on the backs of the rest of us.

If you don't like Trump, beware of Rauner.

What can be done? Don't vote for Rauner. Vote in the primary election. Pick a candidate who can beat Rauner. Work for your candidate to defeat Rauner.

Richard Scott Miko


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