Too little respect for authority today

Posted2/14/2018 1:00 AM

On Jan. 27, there was an article in your paper about the recent shootings in Kentucky. The governor, Matt Bevin, stated, "Wake up, this is a cultural problem." I agree with him. When parents allow children to celebrate death in TV shows, video games, movies and musical lyrics, we have removed any sense of morality. Parents need to be in charge of what their children see and do. Also, the industries that allow these violent events need to be reviewed/limited to what they do.

We have become too liberal in punishment in our judicial system. Too many times criminals are allowed to plea bargain out of doing time. States, towns, cities and communities say the jails and prisons are too full to handle any more prisoners. Had we been more in support of the victim and less supportive of the criminal and enforce hard time earlier, many crimes would not be committed today.

In Third World countries criminals would lose a hand for robbery, or be stoned for assault. I'm not saying go to that extreme, but stricter punishment must be dealt out. And yet the ACLU will say prisoners are entitled to good treatment in prison/jail. What about the victims and their families and their having to deal with such an event?

Unfortunately, I fear we are too far down the road to reverse this and things will only get worse. There is very little respect today, be it for parents, elders, police/fire first responders, or the person walking into a store.

I recall a Medal of Honor recipient stating, last year at an event honoring veterans, "this country is one generation away from losing all morality and control." Sad to say, I believe we are there now.

Harold Mierisch


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