Leaders moving U.S. toward mediocrity

Posted2/12/2018 1:00 AM

When did the USA become mediocre?

The answer is, "We citizens are not mediocre!"

Our Congress, and the president are dragging the USA down in the eyes of the world and its stellar reputation as being the "bar" other countries set their sights on to achieve. In lieu of this, we can no longer be counted on as the role model to lead the world in the pursuit of freedom and democracy, but rather viewed as the country who's the bully on the playground.

Our leadership in Washington no longer represents the values of our Constitution that had made the USA the envy of world, but project pettiness, selfish "me or the highway" dialogue, teased approval of displays of vulgarity without apology and praise wealth as the only aim that is acceptable in our society.

Until we citizens demand from our congressmen and president that they focus not on borrowing a trillion dollars to fund "tax cuts," but rather invest in education for our citizens to adapt to our new automated manufacturing, tax incentives for corporations to repatriate their plants in areas of the USA that are in need of economic assistance, rebuilding our "Third World infrastructure," balancing health care and corporate welfare, we will continue to decline in a downward spiral that will end in the USA parroting those countries that our president so profanely disdaned.

Our leadership, both Congress and the president, need to grow up, stop this petty bickering. Compromise on what's best for all the citizens of this country and not just the ones who donate enormous amounts of money to their political campaigns and polish our reputation so we are once again viewed as that bar all should strive to achieve and ditch this drive to being mediocre.

Bill Spencer


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