Hateful ad is beneath dignity of citizens

Updated 2/12/2018 2:27 PM

Jeanne Ives, the Republican challenging Gov. Rauner in the primary next month is running the most vile television ad imaginable. When asked to stop airing it by those in her party, she doubled down and refused.

I am no fan of Gov. Rauner and will not vote for him in November if he wins in the primary, but this attempt to appeal to the intolerant among us is a new low in dirty politics -- a man dressed up as a woman thanking the governor for allowing him to use girls' bathrooms, a woman in a pink cat hat thanking the governor for making the taxpayers pay for her abortion, another thanking him for being in favor of immigrant criminals. It is sexist, racist, and homophobic, and the people of Illinois are better than that.

The voters need to speak at the polls and let candidates who appeal to the most small-minded among us know that their hate will not be tolerated.

Trish Ehlers Henry


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