Boycott was appropriate response to Trump

Posted2/12/2018 1:00 AM

​I was sorely troubled and deeply offended by your Jan. 31 editorial, " Schakowsky's sorry snub."

The Daily Herald opined. "We are not fans of the way the president conducts himself. But he is the president." Surely someone has taken leave of his collective senses when promoting this sentiment.

Trump delivered an Oscar-worthy performance Jan. 30. He spoke of road and bridges built by "American" hands, while he imports Haitian and Romanian workers to staff his various golf resorts. He enriches himself and his family daily but, as your board so clearly stated," He is the president.

The drumbeat of his speech was the consist repeating of phrases meant to inflame hatred and fear of "the other." Is your board blind to the fact that history repeats itself? Please do not delude your readership into believing that 1939 cannot happen again.

I applaud and supported Rep. Schakowsky's decision not to attend The State of the Union event. Those who did attend are complicit in condoning the constant lying, the daily personal attacks, the complete destruction of our democratic ideals, the dismantling of our justice system, and the soiling of the office of president. Your shout out to Rep. Randy Hultgren, who consistently aligns himself with this dishonest and morally bankrupt president, as someone to be admired was particularly disturbing.

This president and his Republican Party continue to refuse to work collaboratively with Democrats on any number of issues. Please explain who is "partisan and divisive" in this scenario as your editorial suggests?

I stand with Rep. Schakowsky and will continue to resist in normalizing this travesty. When did acting on the courage of one's convictions make for editorial fodder?

Judi Tepe


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